The world of business is changing; rapidly!

15 March 2015 12:52 PM  /  News
The world of business is changing; rapidly!

Structured divisions and business units are fading away. Positions and functions are disappearing and complete business units are being replaced because of technological developments.

The world is changing, rapidly, on all levels.

I notice, companies, entrepreneurs and people are underestimating this. Because they seldom take their time to think about it. They are being led by the everyday cycle of work. Seems logical, especially when you start a new business. All you want is to grow and create revenue as soon as possible. And when you get those clients, you focus on them. Understandable but dangerous!

The last couple of years I’ve been advising (starting) entrepreneurs to always keep focussing on new business and to stay adaptable. Stay open to change. Manage your company and business processes for the purpose of growth. Make sure you don’t become dependable on 1 or 2 big clients, your employees or systems. This will make you vulnerable and can have serious consequences for your growth and development.

Do you regularly think about the mid- and long-term strategy of your company?

Are there products or services that you can apply to your current business processes to the purpose of creating added value and loyalty for your clients, while increasing your revenues?

Do you know your clients long-term expectations? Is your company ready to meet these expectations? Are you flexible and adaptable enough to adjust yourself to these expectations?

Do you regularly conduct customer research? Do you know the real reasons why your clients choose you and your company?

Is your media, advertising and published content up2date?  Do you regularly publish new content?

Do you regularly let external professionals look at your business processes and let them think about creating more efficiency?

Do you dare to be critical about your own company? Do you see and recognize your own potential strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats?

Are you continuously working on developing new business? Do you stay on ‘top of mind’ with potential new clients?

Do you keep your own knowledge up2date so that you don’t get caught up with the latest technological or market developments that are faster then you are?

This all seems simple and logical. But it scares me how often this is being underestimated or forgotten by entrepreneurs. Because of the day to day cycle.  

Until that moment that your one big client stops being your client……
That moment when you realize you don’t have any leads for new business.

The symbol that goes with this article is an artwork called ;Initiation’ by renowned artist Christa Domen.


Initiation means ‘new beginning’. You can look at this artwork from 3 points of view;

A woman standing on her toes and reaching out for the stars. Celebrating a new beginning, reaching out to another dimension.

A woman that flies and en dissolves in the universe. Seeing the bigger picture of a horizontal landscape.

A woman standing on her hands, balancing on her own power and strength.

In this artwork the woman symbolises the female characters intuition and the ‘gut feeling’ that both men and woman posses. These work well together with the male character of thoroughness (spunk) giving direction to all these changes.

Think out of the box, have faith, but don’t sit still and adapt on your own strength with this changing world we are living in.

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