Simply business ;-)

25 September 2013 11:44 AM  /  News
Simply business ;-)

Have you got your personal branding straight?
What is your ‘WHY’?
What is your ‘brand’? Your ‘product’?
How do you define this?
And how do you create that feeling among your target group of;
That’s what I want!?
Can you express yourself powerfully in just a few sentences? (elevator pitch?)
Do you have your story straight? As a human? As an entrepreneur?

From my point of view, sales and doing business is being consequent, visible, accessible, and delivering as promised. (and the WHY?)

For years I have been talking with successful entrepreneurs on a daily basis. When you ask them ‘WHY’ they have started their business, they simply answer: ‘just because…. I’m good at it’ or ‘it’s the only thing I can do’.

You know what I mean, enormous modesty. The word ‘proud’ is secondary.

Sometimes when I ask them ‘WHY’ they even get shy because of my question.

Then I ask myself: if you can’t express your feeling, emotion, passion and pride for your brand and company, how can you expect your employees to do that?

Such a shame, because often the entrepreneur has a lot of passion and beautiful motivation for his business.

Why else do they work around the clock and are always available for their employees and customers?

Nowadays we have access to beautiful (online) tools to brand our lives and business for an increasing audience.

I often encounter resilience when I ask the entrepreneurs why they don’t follow these (online) developments and tools. Such a shame! Missed opportunity! It makes working and doing business so much more fun. It also makes life easier and your reach greater. Unfortunately many entrepreneurs lack real attention for these (commercial) tools. There’s no time and no budget.

Due to the current economy people have the need for transparency, a straight story, personal attention, added value and concepts with passion.

When you know what you want, your target audience will find you. And they will find you when they need you. I’m convinced of that. But you have to be findable and visible.

For example;

This week I’ve been invited to visit Italy by my friend Claire. Through friends we got a tip to go to a nice beach club. In my opinion, it was the perfect beach club!

It’s the second day of my stay in Italy, when I’m writing this article. And again I’m discovering beautiful new details that make me really happy. The interior of the beach club is in perfect harmony; colours, materials, ingredients. They are pure, beautiful and it all just seems right. Everything is just perfect! You can see and feel that it has been designed with all the love, care and attention of the world. Build step by step. Well considered. For example; The beach club sells beach towels. They snug fit around the beach beds. Not to short as usual, but just perfect. Custom made. I love it! No need for a second towel anymore. Finally an entrepreneur that understands its business. At the end of the beach towels there are little compartments where you can store your valuables. Ideal! Furthermore, the beach chairs are fitted with a beautiful top that you can use as a parasol, or when you turn it around and you can use it as a sand free place to store your stuff. Lovely! In and around the beach club are pictures with the impressions of laughing guests,  cool parties, sweltering summer nights and enthusiastic employees. They represent you a fair image of what you experience as a guest. Just like it is. Nothing more nothing less. A nice comfortable place where you feel welcome as a guest. Donna Rosa. Marina di Ravenna. The perfect day on the beach!

When you want to become more visible as a human, person or company, make sure that what you say and do is consistent with your business proposition. This will prevent misconception in negotiations, (business) processes, and communications. It makes doing business transparent and simple; you don’t have to constantly explain or repeat your values; they are always present.
In your expression / media, your behaviour / manner. Another advantage is that you’ll get more focused and get more concrete questions; there already exists a demand. You created that demand simply by consequently and constantly telling your business proposition. Simple and efficient. And because you inspire people with your proposition you radiate energy. People surrounding you feel and pick up that energy. This way you’ll get interesting, loved and people want to get in touch with you, want to work together or do business with you.

Make sure you have a solid foundation. Choose for a dynamic website. Keep your website, social media, footage, sales presentations and content up2date. This will strengthen and enhance your business proposition. People will notice your interest and passion for what you do and that you do this with attention. People will feel that you are proud of your brand, your company. Especially when you are just starting your business a good proposition and personal branding is essential. In that phase it often lacks in tangible relations, comprehensive references or long-term cooperation.

I’m constantly researching and testing new things to keep up on the field of sales. To feel what the essence is, the real customer demand and to experience the continuous development. Just because I love to do so; pioneering. Last week, just one day after launching my new website, I got 2 new orders / assignments / contracts via Facebook. I didn’t have any conversation with these people. They approached me. The reason why the gave the assigmenet to me? That fact that I shared my impressions about what I do, how I work and my vision of the world of doing busieness. By sharing pictures! Isn’t that lovely! Tangible and concrete. Simple. It works!

People are looking for added value and precious content. Make sure to give something positive every day. An image, a situation, an experience. Something pleasant and tangible. Something that strengthens your ‘why’. And carry it out.  Combine words and images with your story. It gives you more impact. Don’t forget that every human being experiences things on it’s own way. One person reads, the other feels, asks a lot of questions, waits, looks and checks. Stay flexible and make sure you are visible. Your fans, clients are everywhere. The power is to draw them in like a magnet.

About three years ago I absolutely didn’t believe in the power of social media. It will pass, I thought. Why resistance. That was my resistance. I thought it was a hassle. Pffh. Because I’m already active in sales for years. Have been entrepreneur, commercially liable, and because I advise businesses on the field of sales I no longer could get around it. At least I had to do some research. Read about it. Just do it! Proactively. And to be honest, real honest. The more I get into it and do it, the more energy it gives me. I make new contacts around the world. I get in touch with people I couldn’t  with earlier. I meet people wiuth shared interest and passions. It’s a blast! I’m absolutely convinced of the chances and power of social media.

It opens many doors that were closed before. Wonderful!


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