About me

Photography is my way of relaxing. I love photographing people who
are not afraid to show their passion; beautiful things; harmonious environments;
and small eye-catching details. I’m a people-oriented pioneer who loves to travel
and go on adventures.

I’ve been fascinated by people for as long as I can remember.
What is their passion? Their ultimate goal? What drives them?
And what moves them to choose a certain path every day?

I’m fascinated by the way people move in their familiar habitats, and by company dynamics. Entrepreneurs are amazing people. ‘I have a dream’, they say. A crystal clear dream, a fulfilled dream. Whether it’s a concept, a business, enterprise or store, they are all pioneers and believers.

What’s not to love about them?
They were convinced they would make it.
And they did.

I love to connect people, am passionate and driven about what I do. I try to capture all of this in images that tell a story.